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Silver Wall Sculpture "Elegant Edges"

$ 575.00
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I love designing and creating metal wall sculptures that combine warm copper with raw aluminum framed in black. The monochromatic design is classy and contemporary, a subtle yet striking addition for modern decor. It's one of those pieces that is timeless, and has a big 'wow' factor when highlighting a large wall in an office or boardroom. The black and silver is an elegant complement to an interior with clean, monochromatic furnishings like black leather sofas. Over a mantle piece, this unique metal art can hang horizontally, mirroring the fire in its' warm copper tones.

** It's crazy sometimes to realize that I really do make art for a living, and am no longer a starving artist . . . the hours I have spent outside of my studio pouring into this website have made all that possible, and I truly appreciate you taking time to check it out!

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