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Modern Art Sculptures

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

WALL Mounted Modern Art Sculptures will make your walls POP with flair. Shop contemporary wall decor, metal art work, and much more.

"Celestial 2" - Abstract Wall Art

The 4 Best Ways To Use Wall Mount Modern Art Sculptures In The Corporate Setting

When working in a corporate setting, it’s best to have an edge in everything that you do; something that distinguishes you from all the others. Using a variety of industrial materials, as well as a common theme, you can tie your room together to get that edge.

Further, you can place each piece in appropriate location to provide an overall ambiance of business, success, and professional substance. Following is elaboration on these four elements in employing modern art sculpture to host a unique business venue.

Visual stimulation is a must for an attentive working space. We’ve all been in a sterile office environment before, and can collectively agree that a visually stimulating environment in a room is the best way to generate productivity. One simple way to do so is including wall-mount sculptures made of industrial materials with splashes of color. The usage of reflective materials, such as shiny metals and mirrors are also creative ways to fashion a motivating view.

A good tip for exhibiting that view is to purchase raw metal wall hangings to intersperse with colorful contemporary metal and glass pieces. While in search of a contemporary reflection, it is also important for your décor to avoid abrasive individual pieces; rather, you are looking for a mingling affair of pieces that create a solicitous but industrious atmosphere in the room.

Theme is always a fabulous way to tie everything together. Common themes include nature, water and wind; however with contemporary art, a theme may be a color, material, or shape. The placement of each piece in a room is also an important aspect of your presentation. And remember, it’s all about the total reflection- the total attitude of your space. Starting with the space behind your desk where your guests face you, use either a large industrial piece, or a set of smaller pieces that will mutually furnish a professional, yet enigmatic presence.

Then, include complementary pieces evoking your theme clockwise around the room until you reach your ending point- above the door. Here is the space you will pay the most attention to, so choose a simple yet elegant design; something not so intricate as to be distracting, but definitely something you can appreciate every day. With these tips in mind, you should have no trouble in displaying your professional character.

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