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Modern Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

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"Life Force 2" - Cool Abstract Art

How To Transform Your Living Room With A Amazing Modern Abstract Decor Made Of Metal

Bright and bold colors in modern wall art decor can make for a powerful statement in a room. Lush jewel tones and glistening finishes in modern abstract art made with metal can turn a space that used to be just four walls and a floor into a vibrant show piece. Conversation naturally swirls around a piece of modern abstract metal wall decor.

Each work of abstract metal wall decor invokes a feeling and unique look which incorporates everything from the elements of water and fire to the wings of a butterfly flitting in the wind. A cityscape, whole gardens and indescribable feelings can be expressed through the work, turning your living room into an art gallery.

Every handcrafted piece of abstract wall art and decor is original and guaranteed to be one of a kind. Each work is inspired by something unique and can depicts anything from the positive and warming feel of sunflowers on a summer day to the cool touch of grass beneath bare feet.

Because the pieces are modern art sculptures, they may be interpreted in many ways and can be moved around, flipped and displayed in any way while still maintaining their impact on the viewers and enriching the entire tone of a room.

White space on walls is meant to filled and modern abstract art made from metal works combines the durability to last a lifetime with the value that only handmade, original artwork can provide. A bevvy of colors, shapes and sizes make modern abstract art one of the most varied and interesting mediums.

Modern metal wall art can be hung in a room decorated in neutrals or all white to add the perfect pop of color or it can become the keystone in a lively collection of other works of arts. Because it is abstract, the art blends well with many types of decor and other styles of painting or sculpture.

The nature of abstract metal wall art lends itself well to any size home and because of the many varied colors in the pieces, it’s very simple to ad them as the perfect accent to any living room. The pieces range in color from just plain silver and copper with a golden hue to multi-colored wonders that incorporate almost every hue in the rainbow.

Rooms with architectural feels to them will be made that much more striking with the addition of modern abstract art. Living spaces with clean lines and minimalist looks will be either complimented perfectly by some of the less colorful pieces or made more interesting with a blues, reds, purples and greens of a more dynamic piece.

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