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Metal Art Work

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Metal Art Work with FLAIR for your decor to enjoy. Also shop our line of modern metal wall art including modern floral art.

"Cosmos" - Framed Wall Decor

Metal Art Work Makes The Best And Boldest Wall Decoration

Bring in some creativity with a modern edge using contemporary metal wall art in the interior design of your home or for your model homes.

Small pieces can be found at a reasonable cost, and you can find dramatic larger pieces that will make a major statement in bigger spaces. Sometimes overlooked as a form of decor, metal wall art and decor adds interest to a room in a simple way.

When a modern look is required, metal wall decor is an excellent choice. These pieces are often handmade, and designed and created by individual artists. They can also be found as mass-produced designs but these do not usually have the quality and unique perspectives found in artist created pieces.

Mass-produced work looks generic and is usually not worth the money spent on it.

Metal is the perfect medium for art and interior design. Modern wall art metal comes in different shapes and sizes which can complement any room decor. Traditional to contemporary it is always a good choice and offers a lot of flexibility. Most people think of "metal" art as a piece that is drab, and ugly, but this is not the case today.

The modern, man-made feel of the material is perfect for art. Textured material can give it depth, and pieces can range from small decorative artwork to wall-size installations. Bright and vibrant colors are now the norm in metal art work. No longer the ugly and bulky forms used in courtyards and plazas, modern metal art work is sleek and stylish.

For the best pieces of unique metal wall decor, it's best to seek out an artist who specializes in transforming this material. Budget decorators can find great deals on metal artwork when they purchase more than one item - sometimes an artist will give a small discount if a designer purchases five or six pieces from them.

Without a doubt, the best designers are now using abstract and contemporary metal wall decor to spice up the interior designs of their model homes and customer homes. Even for the novice, contemporary wall decor adds a modern look and unique design to your home and should be considered when making choices for design. Unique pieces can offer a focal point to a room, and designers are building entire room themes based on one creative metal art work piece.

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Hanging metal wall art works great in the kitchen - it adds pizzazz!.

Use unique, handcrafted personalized wall hangings to dress up your decor.

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Hanging Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Get FANCY with some beautiful Hanging Metal Wall Art. See my home decor wall art gallery including modern art for sale. Buy Online.

Using A Piece Of Unique Hanging Metal Wall Art In The Kitchen Is A Great Idea

  • Often when decorating a home , people forget about their kitchen. For many people the kitchen is a gathering area where family assembles. It is usually the heart of the home. This room should be just as attractive as any other in the home. After selecting paint colors, you will need to consider wall decor.
  • A wonderful alternative to borders is hanging metal wall art. These pieces will act as a focal point in the kitchen. They will give the room a depth that a traditional picture will not provide. These pieces are available in a number of shapes and styles.
  • When selecting a piece of hanging metal wall art , you will want to consider exactly where you will hang the artwork. In an eat in kitchen , the table may be an excellent place. This will help to differentiate between the cooking and eating areas. At the same time , it will give a point of interest over the table.
  • In smaller kitchens , consider placing a smaller piece of artwork on a small wall. Next to a refrigerator , over a cabinet or even a support beam. the artwork is sure to be a topic of conversation. When deciding where to place the artwork there are several factors to consider.
  • The first thing to take into account is how large of a space you have available. You want to make sure that the artwork you choose is proportionate to the space. A piece that is too small will look just as bad as one that is too large from the space. If you are unsure take a measurement of the wall. View some of the pieces of the website to see if they will fit on the wall. You want to make sure that there is still space around the piece after it is hung.
  • Use your wall color and the color of your draw pulls for inspiration. The metal that you select should compliment the other metals in the room. Don't be afraid to mix and match metals , but do it with sparingly. You do not want to have to many metals competing in the same room.
  • Choosing metal art should be fun. It is a different than anything that will be found in most kitchens. You want to choose a bold , fun piece. make sure that it is something that really speaks to you. Select a piece that is an expression of your individual personality , but also your home. Your home has a specific style that should be reflected in this artwork. It will be a piece that you will have for a long time. Choosing apiece that has several colors will allow you to change wall colors without changing your hanging metal artwork.
  • If your kitchen is particularly large , you may want to place the art on an accent wall. painting the wall a shade or two darker than the rest of the room and then hanging the art is a great technique. It will draw the eye right to the artwork.
  • A piece of hanging metal artwork is a great idea for any kitchen. It is a fun and different piece to display. Be daring with your choice. Do not shy away from color and texture. The piece you choose will become an integral part of your home, so make sure that you fall in love with it !

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Personalized Wall Hangings

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Personalized Wall Hangings will CUSTOMIZE your interior design. Browse our gallery of contemporary wall decor and colorful abstract art.

The Best Personalized Wall Hangings Are Handcrafted Out Of Metal

When considering a personalized wall hanging to break up the expanse of a wall, to add color to a room, to add dimension to a enclosed space or to add accent to a furnished room, one should ponder the color, depth and texture of a handcrafted metal wall hanging.

Modern wall art decor made of metal offers dimension and color not available in other mediums and attracts the eye with its contrast to other softer textures. There exists in our world a desire for the feeling of home. A warm place where we can kick back, let the rest of the world carry on in its never ending search for the perfect music video or its next buck.

We want to be able to shut the front door and find solace in our own space. Wouldn't we want that space to be as warm and comfortable as possible? Let me paint you a picture. Think about a setting. There exists a large couch on a wall surrounded by wood end tables, a chair is off to one side either matching or in pleasing contrast to the color and texture of the sofa, often on soft carpeting, with warm colors and a table in between to add to the scene, either wood, or even a glass construct.

Imagine the depth that you can bring to that closed in space in the foyer with such an addition. There are many spaces that would welcome a personalized metal wall hanging.

What about your office? There can be little to express prosperity, solidity and confidence. A piece can be chosen to reflect youth, vitality, creativity. What is a picture worth? So much can be conveyed by such a simple addition.

Your desk and work area can become more inviting, your boardroom or conference room transformed into a place of vital business for a contemporary company. Add to this the availability of colors and textures and it's a "no brainer".

What will a guest think coming into your space for the first time? Your handcrafted metal wall hanging will be one of the first things noticed. There is only one chance for a first impression, this will make an impression like few other things can. It will pervade the experience as the eye travels to it again and again to explore the new facets and depths not seen before. Like any art, it will captivate and reflect upon the one who displays it.

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