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Large Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Large Wall Decor will make your interiors POP with Flair! See some contemporary wall art, abstract wall art, and more at our gallery.

3 TREES - Metal Art Tree Series

Decorate That Blue Wall With A Piece Of Large Wall Decor

We all have the wall in our house that just screams at us. It is is just a big , blank empty canvas. The solution to the problem is using large wall decor. When selecting a piece of art for the wall , you will want to take several things into account.
The first is the location of the wall. If it is a wall that welcomes people into your home you will want to display a piece that is inviting. Choose a piece of artwork that is bold without being overpowering. It should set the tone for your home and the style you want to convey. This will be a person's first vision of your home , so make it count!

If the wall is not the first people will see , then the tone has already been set. Use the wall art to keep the feel of your home cohesive. Make sure that the artwork that you choose is a piece that has the same feel as the rest of your decor. You will not want to choose a piece that is too modern for a more traditional home.

If the home is more modern , make sure that you run with the theme. Consider using a piece that is a mix of metal and glass. This will make a contemporary space feel fresh and warm. It can also keep the home from feeling like a museum and insure it feels like a home. Display your wall art on a large wall, making it a focal point.

If you can not decide what type of piece to hang use your home for inspiration. Look for artwork that that has hints of these colors. On a blue wall , you want to hang a piece of art that has hints of blue , without it being the dominant color. Slight hints of blue are more than enough to tell the eye that the artwork fits , without it being overdone.

Using too much of one color will create a monotone , boring look. You want the accent wall of your home to be bold and have pop. Stay away from art that will simply blend . Play with various shapes and sizes of art work. Using several pieces of medium and large metal artwork to create a collage effect is also a wonderful idea.

Taking pieces that are varying sizes and mounting them on the same wall is a wonderful way of displaying multiple pieces. You will want to select a theme. Panels of the same piece of art in a few colors will be an interesting effect.

You can hang these panels in a variety of ways. Staggering them and hanging them at different levels gives instant depth to the wall. Playing with the display of multiple large pictures is a technique that can be used to make your home distinctive.

Choosing a piece of wall art is a fun process. It is an excellent way to give your home a look that is different than any of your neighbors. Make your home a showcase. That blank, blue wall is not nearly as daunting as you might think.

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