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Large Wall Hangings

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Get an idea of how LARGE Wall Hangings can give your home or office decor a boost. There are great contemporary metal wall art versions here.

Large Wall Hangings: How They Can Transform The Corporate Environment

We have all had to sit for hours in our office, staring at blank walls, or stuck in a meeting being forced to look at 'motivational poster' (There's no I in TEAM!). Not only is this uninspiring, boring, but it lowers your creativity and your overall mood. Large wall decor can transform your office from drab to uplifting and inspire creativity among your employees.

Large wall art can be used to evoke a wide array of emotions. Is you business located in Alaska or northern climates? Cold weather and little sunlight can really lower moral and productivity, try hanging a few pieces of artificial sunshine around the office. See how some of the large modern wall art from Herbst's metal gallery can bring light to most any dreary environment.

On the other hand, do you work in California or a sweltering environment? Would you like to take a vacation without every leaving your office? There are numerous metal wall hangings that are made to let your mind expand with intrigue.

For very large spaces, a paneled wall hanging may be the best option. We can make our metal wall sculptures to fit your space. Give me the dimensions and we'll hammer out the details.

All pieces are custom built, and special orders are always welcome. They come ready to hang, and all can be hung horizontally or vertically. If you see a smaller design you like, it can be recreated into large wall decor. Caring for your art is very simple, just dust as needed with a soft cloth. It's beauty and simplicity will allow you to enjoy your piece for many years to come.

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