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Large Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

AWESOME Large Wall Art for home or office decor. Shop our collection of contemporary metal wall art including glass wall decor.

5 Of The Best Places To Install Handcrafted Large Wall Art

While Large Metal Wall Art is great for just about any room, there are a few choice places to show off the great structure and beauty. Having the right paint, wallpaper, or tapestries can provide superior results when you choose your location. I custom design every piece to match the room you want to enhance. Not only can it allow your room to look bigger, but also you will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The bathroom should be one of your first locations to select for Large metal wall decor. Not only is it awesome to look at, but having a mirror on your art allows it to double as a way to add functionality. Since most bathrooms have the most lighting in the home or office, you will be able to see even the finest details of the artwork.

All bedrooms are enhanced with contemporary metal wall art that's large in stature. Since you spend a large portion of your life in your bedroom, you will get to see the attractiveness of the art every day. In the morning, you will be greeted with the energy of great artwork. At night time, having the art to enjoy can help you to become much more relaxed. Then when you are ready to fall asleep, having large metal wall decor will entice your subconscious, and allow you to sleep more soundly and to have better dreams.

Having colorful abstract art that's expansive in your dining room or Kitchen is also the perfect place. There is no better way to have a great dinner then by having a masterpiece to enjoy while you eat. On those gloomy rainy days, having an attractive artwork will definitely uplift your spirits.

Your living room is another great choice for a location to put your Large Contemporary Wall Art. This way, guests will be able to admire the vision of your Large Wall Art. Add in the proper lighting and your art will complement the layout of your room.

If you have a home office or study, this too would be a delightful choice. Having Large Wall Art can inspire you with creative new ideas. It can also help to calm your mind and allow you to become better focused.

No matter what room you decide to put your Large Metal Wall Decor in, you will definitely be satisfied with the results. Each piece of artwork is custom designed to bring out your best creative juices. I uniquely design them to fit with your particular room setup if you choose, so let me design the perfect Large Wall Art for you. Contact me today.

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Large Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Large Metal Wall Art will INSPIRE your decor! See our gallery of contemporary wall decor, modern metal art, and much more.

A Piece Of Large Metal Wall Art Can Transform The Office Conference Room

  • You have taken the time to create the atmosphere of your office conference room. You have debated the various colors and textures that represent your style. You have picked materials that make a statement about your individuality whether you are sleek and streamlined or free-spirited and edgy. The chairs are comfortable, the conference table functional, and accessory furniture has been properly situated to optimize your workspace - but something is missing.
  • You look around and realize you need something that makes a clear statement, something that defines your space and you. You need a piece of large metal wall decor. Large modern wall art draws your client’s eyes in and conveys without any spoken word - you.
  • Large metal wall decor comes in many styles, shapes, and colors. Consider the space you have when deciding on the size and shape of the metal wall art. In a small office space, a piece that is too large overwhelms your client and screams your statement instead of stating it. In a large office, you need to pick a location that is visible immediately to all your clients; yet does not distract from you during the meeting.
  • The wall art should complement your style - not overwhelm it or undersell it. You need to take in to consideration how the light will play off the art and use it to your advantage.
  • As a lawyer, you want to convey sophistication, class, and intelligence. Choosing a piece of brushed metal art shows your client you have good taste, an excellent eye for detail, and style. As a leader in the expanding internet field, you want clients to know you are cutting edge, flexible, and fresh. A metal wall art piece that is abstract with vibrant colors and unconventional design conveys your message.
  • Whatever your style or occupation, you need a piece that is one of a kind - just like you.
  • Large metal wall art is the finishing touch that completes your office conference room. It is your opportunity to make a defining statement about you and your company.
  • Metal wall art is affordable for all budgets and versatile enough to be used in any office setting.
  • Lastly, large metal wall decor literally is a conversation piece, an icebreaker to a potential new client or a welcome beacon to a returning guest.

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Large Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Large Wall Decor will make your interiors POP with Flair! See some contemporary wall art, abstract wall art, and more at our gallery.

3 TREES - Metal Art Tree Series

Decorate That Blue Wall With A Piece Of Large Wall Decor

We all have the wall in our house that just screams at us. It is is just a big , blank empty canvas. The solution to the problem is using large wall decor. When selecting a piece of art for the wall , you will want to take several things into account.
The first is the location of the wall. If it is a wall that welcomes people into your home you will want to display a piece that is inviting. Choose a piece of artwork that is bold without being overpowering. It should set the tone for your home and the style you want to convey. This will be a person's first vision of your home , so make it count!

If the wall is not the first people will see , then the tone has already been set. Use the wall art to keep the feel of your home cohesive. Make sure that the artwork that you choose is a piece that has the same feel as the rest of your decor. You will not want to choose a piece that is too modern for a more traditional home.

If the home is more modern , make sure that you run with the theme. Consider using a piece that is a mix of metal and glass. This will make a contemporary space feel fresh and warm. It can also keep the home from feeling like a museum and insure it feels like a home. Display your wall art on a large wall, making it a focal point.

If you can not decide what type of piece to hang use your home for inspiration. Look for artwork that that has hints of these colors. On a blue wall , you want to hang a piece of art that has hints of blue , without it being the dominant color. Slight hints of blue are more than enough to tell the eye that the artwork fits , without it being overdone.

Using too much of one color will create a monotone , boring look. You want the accent wall of your home to be bold and have pop. Stay away from art that will simply blend . Play with various shapes and sizes of art work. Using several pieces of medium and large metal artwork to create a collage effect is also a wonderful idea.

Taking pieces that are varying sizes and mounting them on the same wall is a wonderful way of displaying multiple pieces. You will want to select a theme. Panels of the same piece of art in a few colors will be an interesting effect.

You can hang these panels in a variety of ways. Staggering them and hanging them at different levels gives instant depth to the wall. Playing with the display of multiple large pictures is a technique that can be used to make your home distinctive.

Choosing a piece of wall art is a fun process. It is an excellent way to give your home a look that is different than any of your neighbors. Make your home a showcase. That blank, blue wall is not nearly as daunting as you might think.

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Large Wall Hangings

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Get an idea of how LARGE Wall Hangings can give your home or office decor a boost. There are great contemporary metal wall art versions here.

Large Wall Hangings: How They Can Transform The Corporate Environment

We have all had to sit for hours in our office, staring at blank walls, or stuck in a meeting being forced to look at 'motivational poster' (There's no I in TEAM!). Not only is this uninspiring, boring, but it lowers your creativity and your overall mood. Large wall decor can transform your office from drab to uplifting and inspire creativity among your employees.

Large wall art can be used to evoke a wide array of emotions. Is you business located in Alaska or northern climates? Cold weather and little sunlight can really lower moral and productivity, try hanging a few pieces of artificial sunshine around the office. See how some of the large modern wall art from Herbst's metal gallery can bring light to most any dreary environment.

On the other hand, do you work in California or a sweltering environment? Would you like to take a vacation without every leaving your office? There are numerous metal wall hangings that are made to let your mind expand with intrigue.

For very large spaces, a paneled wall hanging may be the best option. We can make our metal wall sculptures to fit your space. Give me the dimensions and we'll hammer out the details.

All pieces are custom built, and special orders are always welcome. They come ready to hang, and all can be hung horizontally or vertically. If you see a smaller design you like, it can be recreated into large wall decor. Caring for your art is very simple, just dust as needed with a soft cloth. It's beauty and simplicity will allow you to enjoy your piece for many years to come.

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Wall Metal Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Wall Metal Art is UNPARALLELED when trying to dress up your office or home. See contemporary wall decor, abstract metal wall art and more.

IN THE GARDEN - Modern Abstract Art

Wall Metal Art: Some Great Tips For Choosing The Best Fit For Your Space

When you walk into a room, its décor is the first thing you notice. Décor tells you a lot about a person. Plain colors and soft prints depict simplicity, whereas exciting blasts of color and diversity in material portrays confidence.
Material is diverse- you can purchase pieces which encompass different types and sheen's of metal, colors of glass, and various shapes and sizes. And with such a variety to choose from a proper consideration of lighting and surrounding will supplement the beauty of each piece.

When decorating a room, the first thing you must consider is who you are and what your attitude is. Perhaps you are a bit of everything. Mosaic pieces are a great expression of this idea, as you’ve got colors, little bits of mirror, and metal together in jagged style. Perhaps you’re a little reserved, or are looking for a calming ambiance in your wall metal art. In this case, sleek metal and blue or green hues are a perfect choice.

Maybe you desire an energetic more exciting look, and in said case I would suggest a Fire theme with hues of red, orange and yellow. To go even further; how about a gleaming rainbow of color?

So now you’ve got your colors down, your attitude picked out. Next, think about what type of furniture is in the space you’re decorating. Is it boxy office furniture, a cozy den recliner, stainless steel kitchen appliances, or perhaps deck and lawn furniture? Metal sculpture is marvelous in complementing the shape of your space and its interior.

For instance, if you have a rectangular book shelf with wall space above it and a simple desk and computer, perhaps you’d like to balance with other boxy shapes. And for that simple back porch or deck, decorative metal butterfly pieces and mirrors are hardy counterparts to rounded wind chimes and glass tabletops.

Further, while hanging your modern wall art metal, consider what kind of lighting source to use. Metal sculpture interspersed with colored glass is beautiful when hung over a window, as the sunlight shines through it. Where that sunshine hits the opposite wall, a stainless steel piece would be appropriate.

In a cozy basement with no windows, or any other space lit artificially, lustrous copper pieces often highlighted with hues of red and yellow are fitting. As you can see, harmonizing color and material with surrounding furniture and providing suitable lighting can do quite a bit for the atmosphere of a space.

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