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Sheet Metal Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Learn How Sheet Metal Art to WOW your decor. Check out our wall art and decor including contemporary wall decor to Impress!

Sheet Metal Art: A Very Unique Genre Of Contemporary Art

Today's interior designers have a wide range of fine art options available as they consider the perfect artistic additions to give their spaces the specific look and impact that they wish to design. The versatility of sheet metal art can be particularly effective as you create your design for a truly stunning impact.

Many factors go into the decision of which materials and aesthetics to select to perfect an effectively designed interior space. Sheet metal wall art is among the most flexible options, providing a dazzling range of effects to create the perfect look for each room.

Color is essential to complement an existing palette, and to create just the mood you have in mind. Reds, for example, might create a warm, inviting feel with a bold, energizing effect, while cooler colors such as blues and greens can be relaxing, tranquil and therapeutic.

Choosing the right material is also essential, with the choice of medium having a profound impact. From a smaller piece in a natural metallic look such as silver or bronze, to pieces incorporating a bold artistic vision in a dazzling range of color, metal is a uniquely adaptable material that can be presented in an endless range of forms to realize any vision.

Texture is another essential consideration, whether you prefer a highly polished, technological look, or more natural and organic textures and forms that echoes the patterns and shapes of the natural world. Metal can be worked to reflect a truly diverse range of textural effects.

Sheet metal art is available in an impressive range of artistic forms as well, whether you're looking for something representational, evoking a recognizable image, or a more abstract look that invites viewers to develop their own interpretations and reactions to the pieces that you choose.

When selecting the perfect metal wall art, the designer should consider the role that each work will have in the space in question, whether it's a striking form to create a bold impact as visitors enter your home, or an inviting piece to present as an intriguing visual focus for a living area, or a subtle and elegant image for a professional space. The perfect piece is even available for your bathroom, perhaps echoing the colors and shapes of moving water to provide a relaxing spa-like environment.

Modern wall art metal will provide you with endless options so that you can select from just the right forms and designs to complement your existing aesthetic or realize a new vision. It can truly be the artistic highlight of a room, a timeless addition that will tie together other design elements into a cohesive and effective whole. Pieces are available at a range of price points to fit with your budget, and your metal wall art will surely become among the most cherished elements of your art collection.

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Kitchen Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Kitchen Wall Decor that's BRIGHT and Beautiful. Try some colorful metal art wall decor or modern abstract art.

"Layers" - 3d Abstract Art

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Wall Decor Sing By Using Metal Wall Art

Kitchen walls are often left empty, allowing the expanse of cabinets and the appliance fronts to create the style for the room. These rooms often feel impersonal, and traditional remodeling means a costly replacement of these fixtures.

Instead of replacing everything, add a few kitchen wall decor accents to bring the room alive. Modern metal wall decor and sculptural pieces can add color and personality to the kitchen. Off-the-shelf cabinets and lackluster appliances will not be noticed in the shadow of magnificent art.

  1. Enhance the backsplash - One trend in kitchen design is custom tile and pressed metal backsplashes. These look great, but can be costly. In addition, once every kitchen in the neighborhood has a custom tile backsplash, is it really custom? Consider a mosaic metal art piece instead. These one-of-a-kind panels cannot be replicated by every family on the street, and they bring a unique blend of color and durability to the cooking area. They can also be made just the size you need to protect the wall behind your cooking area.
  2. Brighten the breakfast nook - A small eating area in the kitchen, whether a corner table or a breakfast bar, can be made sunnier with a metal art sculpture. Vivid colors and floral sculptures can brighten the morning routine. Metal wall art stands out from the wall, giving dimension to a flat area. Adding a smaller, complementary piece as the centerpiece can bring the look together.
  3. Replace the clock - It seems these days that everyone is racing the clock. Better to take it out of your kitchen and replace it with a custom art mirror. A smaller, round art piece will fit perfectly in the niche formally occupied by the kitchen clock. Allow the food to cook in its own time, and the meal to progress naturally, all while admiring a sea of mirrored tiles or a glowing sun motif.
  4. Add an elegant pot rack - Smaller kitchens with less storage often have an overbearing rack for hanging pots, cooking utensils, or other kitchen tools. Why not replace that bulky hanger with an elegant piece of metal art? Art pieces designed as coat racks can be repurposed as beautiful and useful holders for all those things that don’t quite fit in the drawers. Not only will the kitchen tools be accessible, the beauty of the kitchen will be enhanced.
  5. Dress up the kitchen window - Houses are often built close together, and the view out the kitchen window may be into the neighbor’s kitchen. Metal and glass art can be hung in the window, transforming a lackluster view into a world of color variations. As the light changes through the course of the day, so will the art, picking up the angles and shadows.

Hand-washing dishes may even become a favorite thing to do! As you design or redesign your kitchen, consider the beauty to be gained and the costs to be saved by adding a few pieces of custom metal wall art.

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Dress up that contemporary kitchen with copper wall art

Use a copper wall sculpture to decorate your kitchen with class and style.

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Copper Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Copper Wall Art Can't Be BEAT if you want to decorate your home or office with class. See our home decor wall art including abstract metal wall art you'll love.

Use Copper Wall Art To Accent Your Contemporary Kitchen

The wonder of copper for the kitchen is its ability to tie together the warmth and simplicity of bygone centuries with the clean lines of today’s contemporary kitchens.

Copper has had a place in the kitchen for centuries. Copper pans are still prized today for their ability to conduct heat. The best bakers swear that one must use a copper bowl to produce the best meringue. And, of course, who could have a proper cup of coffee without a proper copper coffee pot? The appeal is more than historical, it is global.

In even the smallest home in India, the gleaming copper pots and pans will be prominently displayed as a sign of wealth and prosperity. Copper is the universal metal of the hearth of the home.

In the contemporary kitchen, Copper wall sculptures can beautifully marry the hearth-warming utility of copper implements with the clean-lined design of the modern kitchen. Many modern kitchens need a bit of warmth added to the mix.

Whimsical cookie jars and oven mitts can seem out of place on a shining black granite counter top. Adding a touch of copper wall decor brings back the sense of the centuries old tradition of the kitchen as the heart of the home, without spoiling the beauty and composure of the modern kitchen design.

The color of copper can also be a help. Copper wall art can tie together with metallics (stainless steel finishes, for example) with warmer materials (wooden cabinets). A piece of well-placed copper wall decor brings together these disparate materials and forms a meeting place for them with the eye.

Placement of a copper wall sculpture can also help to lighten the mood of the modern kitchen. Many modern kitchen include dazzling granite counters, accented by powerful down-shooting halogens. These lights provide great illumination for a working surface and show the glittering quartz crystals of the granite counters to great advantage. But, they can also have a harsh glare effect.

One way to offset this harshness is to use the warmth of copper on a wall adjacent to a show-piece counter arrangement. The reflection of the copper will warm the lighting and reduce the harshness of the halogen light fixtures.

Copper wall decor can also be used to bring natural light in to darkened recesses of the kitchen. Many kitchens suffer from limited light. If, like most people, the only window you have in your kitchen is a small one above the sink, you are in need of some means to reflect what little light you have around the room. Copper wall art is far superior to a simple mirror in that it diffuses and warms the natural light that reflects off of it. Place it in the room such that the light that reflects off of the art bounces further into the room and not just back out the window.

Finally, use copper wall art to create a sense of a small and intimate space in your kitchen. If you have a large, utilitarian kitchen, it can be hard to create a sense of the snug intimacy of the bygone breakfast nook. Add a piece of wall art to a corner next to a counter bar, add some bar stools and a French press for your coffee and your kitchen now features its own intimate café.

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Copper Wall Sculpture

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See how a COPPER Wall Sculpture can warm up your interior environment. Browse home decor wall art for interior wall decoration.

Decorate your Kitchen with Copper Wall Sculpture

If you are looking for that special touch that will change your kitchen from beautiful to extraordinary, your search ends here. What your kitchen needs is a work of art – a piece of copper wall art that has been handcrafted by artist Tim Herbst.

There are numerous reasons why copper wall decor can provide the uniqueness, beauty, and allure that you are looking for.

First is the material itself. Copper is one of the most versatile and fascinating materials in the world. It is one of the oldest metals known to mankind and has been used for centuries, yet it is a key medium to modern art. It is the substance of looming landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, yet it humbly lies in our hands in the form of a penny. Sometimes radiates in an orange-red hue, while other times it glows with the cool hue of 'Patina,” which is the blue/green colored result of aged or untreated copper. In sum, copper is classic and timeless.

Second is the sculpture. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two pieces of handcrafted Copper wall art are alike. Each piece has its own flair and personality. As you hang one of Tim Herbst’s handcrafted copper wall art pieces in your kitchen, you can take pride in knowing that there is no identical piece of art anywhere else in the world.

Lastly, copper wall art sculptures are unique in their ability to fit anytime, anywhere. They can add a rustic touch in a cozy country kitchen and a stylistic flair in the most modern gourmet kitchen settings. Wherever you hang your copper wall art piece, however, you can be sure that it will capture the attention and admiration of all your guests.

When selecting the copper wall decor that is best for you, first consider what you would like your piece of art to portray. All sculptures – particularly those that are handcrafted - are uniquely capable of creating an aura in their surroundings. Some works of art bring out a sense of exotic warmth, while others bring in a flashy allure. Once you have decided the “mood” that you want, determine the size and shape of copper wall sculpture that would suit your kitchen best. Art is a living thing, as it lives in the eyes of the beholder; be sure to choose accordingly.

Copper wall sculpture is guaranteed to be the source of beauty, uniqueness, and inspiration that you want for your kitchen. Now is the time to claim one of these handcrafted works of art as your own and make that transition between a beautiful kitchen and a unique one!

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