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Contemporary Wall Sculpture

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

WOW your guests with a Unique Contemporary Wall Sculpture. Shop modern metal wall art, large wall decor, and a lot more.

5 Benefits A Metal Contemporary Wall Sculpture Will Bring To Your Decor

There a number of reasons to use metal wall sculptures. Contemporary metal wall art is a great way to brighten any room or space. For those who follow the principles of feng shui, metal is a key element.

Feng Shui essentially shows people how to balance their lives through their homes. The ancient practice says that having elements of water , which can be represented by glass , as well as metal , wood and fire are all key. These elements when working in harmony together is a room create balance. It is believed that balance in your home will extend and create balance in your life.

A large piece of metal artwork will serve as a stand alone conversation piece. Guests would take immediate notice of the piece. Often people are afraid to try various textures in their home. Hammered metals and three dimensional metal wall art are incredibly attractive.

These pieces can also be painted or incorporate glass into them. It is imperative that you use a piece that fits the scale of your space. Using a piece that is too small will take away from the impact of the art. While using a piece that is too large will make the space seem closed in. To avoid choosing the wrong size piece , measurements will be key.

There are numerous assets that a contemporary sculpture will bring to any room. The room will feel warm and complete. At the same time , this type of artwork will also make ceilings seem higher and a room feel larger when the art is the right size. Lastly , a good piece of metal artwork will give the room a focal point. Having somewhere for the eye to land in the room is important. This distracts from anything in the space that might be a flaw. Metal artwork can and will work with virtually any wall color. Choose a metal that compliments the color on your walls.

A dark color wall will look wonderful with a metal that is gold or silver. Lighter colors will benefit from a contrasting bronze. Contrast will create more visual interest for guests. Stay away from a drab . monotone feel. Use texture to distract from imperfections in the wall, or your paint job. Use wall art to make a statement about the room. Artwork can define or detract from a space. Use your metal artwork to define your personal style and taste !

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