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Contemporary Wall Decor

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

ELEGANT Contemporary Wall Decor to transform your interior design elements. See my modern metal wall art collection including some exceptional large wall art.

"Leap" - Metal Art Wall Decor

5 Tips On Taking Your Home Decor To New Heights With Metal Contemporary Wall Decor

Covering the empty, white walls in a home or apartment with appealing and interesting works of art can sometimes feel like a daunting project to overcome. Deciding where to hang your new art work and what kind of new artwork you should buy is a big investment in both your time and your emotions.

Modern wall art and decor can create any and every feeling in a room you could imagine and it can do it with clean lines and clear cut, beautiful statements. Here are five ways you can make a big splash in your home with contemporary wall decor.

1. If you have a home with more traditional fixtures and things you can’t change like crown molding or elaborate window finishes, try pulling in some contemporary metal wall art to create a more up-to-date look in every room. Some pieces can include elements in nature, like simple trees with willowy branches, that will mix well in a more traditional space.

2. When working with a home that is already well decorated but needs that extra something to set it off and take the decor to the next level, a piece of modern metal wall decor can provide just the right amount of oomph without overpowering the rest of the art. Find a piece that has a standout color and use it as an accent.

3. Mixing contemporary metal wall art with more contemporary pieces is obviously a perfect match, but try to hang the art in an interesting way or in a spot that is a little unexpected. Try placing a piece of contemporary wall decor in a small niche near a nice, cozy reading spot, away from distractions like the television so you can enjoy the piece with your undivided attention.

4. Great works of art should always be shown in the best light possible and modern wall decor is no different. Try placing your piece right above or in a direct point of light to call attention to the detail and elegance of the artwork whenever you brighten up a dark room.

5. If you’re a big fan of color but you want something that doesn’t look stuffy or outdated, use a large and multi-colored piece of contemporary metal wall art to be the main focus of your room. Hang it someplace like in the living room or your bedroom where the high energy colors can create a positive buzz.

Contemporary wall decor, although modern by nature, has just as much power to move a viewer and beautify a room as any old classic from the Renaissance. Where ever you place your piece of contemporary wall decor, it will surely be a valuable member of your collection.

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Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Get CREATIVE with Contemporary Metal Wall Art. Also check out my collection of modern abstract art including some great pieces of large wall art.

"Life Is Rich" - Large Wall Art

How To Choose A Piece Of Contemporary Metal Wall Art For Your Home Or Office

The world of contemporary metal wall decor offers a great wealth of variety in colors, textures, shapes, sizes and genre. It can be quite intimidating to attempt to decide what it is one wants unless one follows some basic guidelines. This writing will try and be a guide for anyone looking to choose the “right piece” of modern metal wall decor for their home or office. The final decision will still be regulated by personal taste.
The first place to start is to decide (at least generally) the location where the contemporary metal wall art will be placed. Are you attempting to fill a large expanse of wall or just an area? What do you want the artwork to do, add to the space, contrast with the space or be a showpiece of its own? Do you want to add color, add texture or take the passive approach? Is this for a living area or for an office space?

Let's look at the last question first. If the piece is for an office space, there will be a lot of different choices for the boardroom or the personal office. If it is for the boardroom, are we looking to make the space upbeat? Perhaps something of sharp color, contrast and hard lines to make the boardroom seem more of a place to do business, a show of solid contemporary success? Perhaps the plan is to “fit in” more with the dominant decor and to blend in with tasteful elegance displaying that we are successful and know why. Something like a tree or nature piece in a natural finish would do well for the latter, the size depending on the space.

For the personal office much will depend on the space available. But again, the choices depend on the intent. If one looking for a show of contemporary success, perhaps many of the high contrast color pieces with a hard footprint and softer lines on the inside (circles or natural shapes) will work. If one is looking for lofty elegance, a work of art of the more natural color with plenty of texture would be a great way to say, “This is my comfort space.”

The home offers many locations for contemporary metal wall art. The living space can be made to feel more comfortable and appealing by a contrasting piece as the center of an expanse of wall, perhaps over a sofa or seating area. If the area is small, perhaps a smaller display of a shiny finish to lighten and add dimension to the space. Or perhaps something mundane, a touch of elegance in a soft finish adding to the comfort level of the room.

Dining areas and such larger locations are great places for large displays of color. A lively addition of color and texture can help to keep the conversation going even after a big meal. Done in a baud display, you will notice that the mood will tend to stay elevated through any sitting and what a display for your guest to see in your home! Again, let the space and location dictate your choices, don't be shy of a good piece!

There are many ways to use a piece of metal art work. It can be a show of prosperity, success and solidity. Even the most modest can bestow a feeling of tasteful elegance. Show others that you care about your surroundings and have put thought into its display. Contemporary metal art can show that you took the effort to finish your space. And think of the hours you eyes will enjoy exploring every corner of your new art.

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Contemporary Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Use Contemporary Wall Art to make your decor SING. Great selections of colorful abstract art as well as modern metal wall art.

"Kaleidoscope" - Contemporary Metal Wall Art

How To Use Metal Contemporary Wall Art To Spruce Up Your Home

Classic life and beauty is introduced into a home with the empowerment of and quiet grace of contemporary wall art. This is the artistic theme that continuously runs through the uniquely creative metal wall art in the Herbst Wall Art Gallery that can be viewed at your leisure on his website. Shopping online at the Herbst Gallery is a fascinating treat for the discriminating pallid that demands artistic ingenuity and individuality in contemporary wall art.

The hallmark of contemporary wall decor for tasteful home enhancement is the specialty of the Herbst Wall Art Gallery. Every piece is handcrafted and meticulously molded to promote balance and draw the attention of visitors for conversation, admiration and expression of an emotional response. This what a truly inviting and intriguing social space performs in a well decorated room that contains the right complimentary metal wall art.

Our decorating tours de force begins with pieces that accent and embellish the warm, relaxing and comforting places in the home, such as the fireplace, a waterfall or fountain. These social gathering areas in your home provide the perfect setting for contemporary metal wall art to break the ice and start interesting conversations about its affects on the guests and allows them to share their individual interpretations of the meaning of the piece. The important factor to remember is to tastefully incorporate the power of the metal wall art piece into the décor of your room and strategically place it for attention and discussion.

Next we move to large metal wall art and the huge impact it makes while being elegant and genteel. The beauty of this combination of contemporary metal wall art charm is that it can be the standout piece in the appropriately selected large formal dinning room, a large study or great room. Large wall art comes in versatile styles and many sizes making it a perfect fit for that special room. Creative decorating is boundless with metal wall art. Your walls at home are your personal canvasses for expression of your artistic taste and an opportunity to share it with all the guests that see it. Large metal art is always a utility piece that stimulates interesting comments and exchange while it acts as the focal point of the room.

Our tour takes us to raw metal wall art next, with its intense minimal color impacting the smooth and natural flow of texturized steel and aluminum pieces. They are each individually sculpted for their power and ability to draw the observer into its form and grace. These pieces are dramatic and evoke core responses to their strength. Metal wall sculptures are commanding pieces of art that lend themselves to creative display in the home to elevate a classic ambiance.

Continuing, we have the tree metal wall art as a bestseller on the market because of their natural and exquisite beauty that adds a cultured feel to social rooms in the home. These statuesque creations are done only by request and painstakingly in individual detail and design so that they are originals and great conversation pieces in a home that appreciates the best in Herbst contemporary wall art.

A special multi-purpose utility of garden metal wall art is the next great display on the Herbst Gallery website. It is natural, individually created, revitalizing to walls and serve well indoors and outdoors. A special treatment to weatherize these pieces is applied before shipping if you notify the gallery. Sun metal wall art is another utility metal wall art that uniquely provides a sunburst to areas of the home that need it most. This inspires guests to want to turn to it and allow it to brighten their disposition.

Our tour ends with copper wall art as natural elements that make us feel a sense of comfort and serve as a source of beauty in our homes. These distinctively individual pieces are invigorating to the walls in your home. Also in this section of the Herbst gallery is the mirror wall art that is always uniquely stylish. It has a large portion of the online website dedicated to multiple types of mirrors for all types of spaces and rooms in the home. Come visit the Herbst contemporary wall art gallery online and see what strikes at the heart and soul of your artistic being.

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Contemporary Wall Sculpture

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

WOW your guests with a Unique Contemporary Wall Sculpture. Shop modern metal wall art, large wall decor, and a lot more.

5 Benefits A Metal Contemporary Wall Sculpture Will Bring To Your Decor

There a number of reasons to use metal wall sculptures. Contemporary metal wall art is a great way to brighten any room or space. For those who follow the principles of feng shui, metal is a key element.

Feng Shui essentially shows people how to balance their lives through their homes. The ancient practice says that having elements of water , which can be represented by glass , as well as metal , wood and fire are all key. These elements when working in harmony together is a room create balance. It is believed that balance in your home will extend and create balance in your life.

A large piece of metal artwork will serve as a stand alone conversation piece. Guests would take immediate notice of the piece. Often people are afraid to try various textures in their home. Hammered metals and three dimensional metal wall art are incredibly attractive.

These pieces can also be painted or incorporate glass into them. It is imperative that you use a piece that fits the scale of your space. Using a piece that is too small will take away from the impact of the art. While using a piece that is too large will make the space seem closed in. To avoid choosing the wrong size piece , measurements will be key.

There are numerous assets that a contemporary sculpture will bring to any room. The room will feel warm and complete. At the same time , this type of artwork will also make ceilings seem higher and a room feel larger when the art is the right size. Lastly , a good piece of metal artwork will give the room a focal point. Having somewhere for the eye to land in the room is important. This distracts from anything in the space that might be a flaw. Metal artwork can and will work with virtually any wall color. Choose a metal that compliments the color on your walls.

A dark color wall will look wonderful with a metal that is gold or silver. Lighter colors will benefit from a contrasting bronze. Contrast will create more visual interest for guests. Stay away from a drab . monotone feel. Use texture to distract from imperfections in the wall, or your paint job. Use wall art to make a statement about the room. Artwork can define or detract from a space. Use your metal artwork to define your personal style and taste !

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Framed Contemporary Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Framed Contemporary Art shows great CONTRAST when decorating. Browse our galleries of colorful abstract art, glass wall art, and so much more!

Ten Reasons To Use Metal Framed Contemporary Art In The Living Room

  1. Metal contemporary art is very versatile. It can be inviting and homey enough to make people want to kick off their shoes and relax but it is often times also interesting enough to be considered as art and get conversation going.
  2. Most pieces of art have to be kept in rooms with decor that match perfectly to the work. Metal framed contemporary art is universally appealing and won’t really clash with any kind of decor.
  3. Color schemes in living rooms can vary wildly from home and home and artwork needs to keep up with those changing elements. People paint their living rooms a lot and metal framed abstract art comes in neutral colors like silver and steel finishes which compliment any color scheme.
  4. Living rooms are the most loved and well used rooms in a home and the artwork in those rooms is viewed more often than most. Contemporary metal wall art is so varied and complex, every time it’s viewed some different element appears so it’s difficult to get bored.
  5. If the kitchen in the heart of the house then the living room is like its calling card. When you have guests over for game night or when you retire for coffee after a dinner party, contemporary metal wall decor is a great subject of conversation.
  6. Often times living rooms can get swallowed up in large flat screen TVs, video game consoles, coat racks and places to hang the keys. A piece of contemporary decor will break up the gadgets and the feeling that your living room is just another storage space.
  7. Decorating a room as important as your living room can sometimes feel intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Adding some metal contemporary art to a living room is an easy an accessible way to incorporate art into your every day life.
  8. Contemporary metal wall art is also great for a living room because it’s timeless and will always look appropriate throughout the years.
  9. Most pieces of original art are prohibitively expensive. Metal contemporary art is all handmade and each piece is completely unique without costing a fortune so you can have a real piece of art in your living for less cost.
  10. Contemporary art is also very durable and has no canvas to rip if the kids knock it off the wall while they’re jumping on the living room couch.

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