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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Peruse som GREAT Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. We handcraft this modern wall art collection including a dazzling wall mount metal art sculpture not to be missed.

"Vitality" - Copper Wall Art

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas: Bold Metal Wall Decor Can Transform Any Space

When it comes time to bedroom interior design ideas, it is sometimes hard to find the right inspiration - metal wall decor can helkp. Television design shows take themes over the top, and magazine spreads are coordinated to every detail. Every friend and family member has an opinion to share. It can become overwhelming.

Take a step back and consider a simpler plan. A bedroom should be a personal space, created to offer a place away from the hectic world. Subtle colors, simple patterns, and uncluttered furniture can be paired with one bold piece to pull it all together.

A nature lover can take a cue from the blues and greys of mountain stream. Bed linens featuring tone-on-tone zinnias or hydrangeas create a mountain meadow. Walls could be a pale blue or gray, with a slightly darker hue as an area rug under the bed. Dark colors and long lines in the armoire and tall dresser mimic the distant trees. Window dressings should be sheer, with a tone borrowed from the bedding to block out any night light. For that bold anchor, choose a piece of artwork in similar shades, perhaps with hints of river rocks or shadows of bare branches. The artwork could hang over the bed as a headboard, or on an empty wall echoing the windows.

For the style-minded, trends should be passed over for a more timeless, abstract design. Patterns and colors can quickly become outdated, and the bedroom will need remodeled once again. Better to choose a single color, and add splashes of it on a neutral base. Clean lined, modern furniture and crisp wood floors offer a canvas for expression. A single, bold piece of artwork will set the palette. From there, choose lighting, accent pillows, and organizing details that complement the art and give the room personality.

A more traditional look can be achieved without heavy wooden pieces or complicated fabrics. Bedroom furniture should fit in the space, and a common mistake is to place a too-big bed in a room that is quickly overwhelmed. Rich cherry woods and traditional blues and reds should be used in a comforting scale. Low lighting will keep the space warm and inviting. A long, horizontal piece above the bed will make the bed look wider, without taking up all available floor space.

Whichever style is chosen, there are some universal tips to keep in mind when discussing bedroom interior design ideas. Wall, floor, and linens colors should be kept subtle, a tone calmer than your favorites. Keep bold colors for artwork and other accents. Arrange furniture for ease of movement and lack of clutter. Too many small frames on the wall can quickly make the place seem hectic and busy. Indulge where it makes sense, such in luxurious linens or first rate artwork. If you are never going to touch the curtains, there is no need to splurge on silk. Finally, keep electronics outside the room. The bedroom is a place to retreat and relax. Happy decorating!

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