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Abstract Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Try Using COLORFUL Abstract Wall Art to dress up your home or office. Also browse contemporary wall art and large metal wall art collections.

"Blue" - Metal Wall Art

6 Ways That Metal Abstract Wall Art Can Change The Look Of Your Living Room

Abstract wall decor—looks fantastic on the page, but it can be difficult for some to take the final step and purchase the right piece for your personal space. But, with a few helpful hints, you will find that the addition of a few carefully chosen pieces can tie together almost any décor beautifully. In fact, metal wall decor with an abstract theme can be used in many ways to solve 6 common decorating problems and completely change the look of your living room.

(1) Color. You’ve put together pieces that make sense to you. But, if the green easy chair is across the room from the purple couch, it can look like an odd man out rather than a complementary piece. But, if you acquire a piece of wall art that references the color of the couch next to the chair, you can join up pieces from across the most spacious living space.

(2) Scale. If you have a massive club chair or couch and all of your other pieces are “normal human size” a piece of intermediate scale placed between the two can help break up the sense of “one of these things is not like the other”. We recommend placing a light, medium-scale object next to the larger piece to help break up the sense of mass. Or, a dark, large-scale piece next to the smaller objects to increase the same.

(3) Establishing zones. Abstract wall art can be used to establish different-purposed zones within a larger room. If you have a special space to read, set up a lamp next to a chair in a corner and place two matching (similar in color, style and theme—but not identical) on each wall and you will see immediately that you have set up a room within a room.

(4) Time to get rid of your (or your husband’s) posters. If you are out of college and your posters are not original lithographs from Toulouse Lautrec, it is time for them to go. If you can’t bear to put them in the trash, consider the garage or basement. But, not where you plan to have your serious, grown up friends in. Abstract wall art can be a great way for a bachelor to look ready for a more grown up life (much more appealing to the right kind of woman) and for a married couple to compromise on living room décor.

(5) Time to get rid of your (or your wife’s) mass-manufactured wall art. Do you have one of those large fans on your wall? Silk flowers? Store-bought manufactured décor? It needs to go out with the next carful of charity donations or the garage sale. Mass-manufactured wall art is made to address a certain style or fashion of a very narrow window in time. It quickly looks dated and—let’s face it—a bit silly. Authentically unique sculptural pieces will always look at home as objects d’art and will age gracefully over many years on your wall.

(6) Inspiration. While it’s important to address the way your living room looks and what it says for your guests, it is also important that the living space inspire those who occupy it the most: you and your family. Pick energizing, inspirational pieces that bring out the best in your memories and inspire you to look ahead. And, when you’ve considered all of the above, do one more thing—pick the piece you love and hang it up.

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Learn more about geometric abstract art or see if an articles about green abstract art might suit your fancy. Also, here's a nice bit on the subject what is abstract art?

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Abstract Expressionism Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Metal Abstract Expressionism Art can be so AMAZING. Browse our handcrafted modern contemporary large metal wall art as well as some great mosaic glass wall art.

"Green Fields" - Modern Wall Art

The Characteristics Of Abstract Expressionism Art

Abstract has become a word to describe something that is not as we see it in the world. At the end of World War II, abstract was a truly American art movement, born from the devastating images of the Holocaust and the War. Artists pulled away from the ugliness in realism and began creating with form, color, and movement.
Following on the forefathers of this school of art, such as Pollock and Rothko and von Doesburg, artists continue to create with this unique perspective. To be considered abstract expressionism, the art piece must not represent any real object, and have no recognizable object within it. Instead, the subject of the art is comprised of color and form. The three categories of abstract expressionism art are action, color, and hard-edge painting.

Action painting was the first manifestation of abstract expressionism, and is most well-known through the work of Jackson Pollock. Pollock’s work was often created by throwing paint at the canvas. Other artists found their own ways to get away from brush strokes and into full-body paint applications. The result was a sense of movement through the painting, as if the colors were on their way somewhere else and were somehow frozen mid-step. The techniques of this school have evolved, and contemporary pieces within this tradition will have swaths of colors, layered upon one another to create the required sense of action.

After a decade of action painting within the world of abstract expressionism, a group of artists came along to take the absence of form one step further. Imagine the work of Mark Rothko, with blocks of color and little else. The meaning is subjective, and comes from the placement of blue against that particular shade of tan and what it might mean to the viewer and the time of the viewing. Modern artists in this school often explore a mixed media approach, placing blocks of colored wood or metal next to each other to explore color relationships.

As color artists arrived in the art world, another group of artists began taking abstract expressionism in another direction. Instead of expanding the color in a piece, these artists explored the form. Squares, rectangles, and triangles became the subject of the art. Unlike the swirls of action painting or the unfocused edges of color painting, hard-edge painters used distinct shapes, clean lines, and precise, impersonal clarity.

Today, over half a century since this art style emerged from the American art world, art considered to be abstract expressionism is not tied to these narrow movements. Still, in order to be considered truly abstract, the subject of the work cannot be a real object. Instead, color, line, material, and form are combined to create a unique contribution to society.

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Abstract Metal Wall Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Abstract Metal Wall Art can TRANSFORM your home or office decor. Browse our abstract wall art as well as our contemporary lines.

"Electric" - Large Wall Decor

Abstract Metal Wall Art: 5 Tips On Using It To Transform Your Home Or Office Decor

One of the easiest ways to decorate and improve your home or office is by adding different forms of art. The art you display in your home or office not only improves the aesthetic view but also tells a little about your personality, it grabs the attention of your guests and provokes their emotions. Modern metal wall decor is a perfect fit for any home or office. The use of art can transform and inspire any living space.

1. Small rooms or offices can be given the illusion of having more space by adding mirrors. The mirror gives the room more depth and the frame gives the room personality. If you want to brighten up a room, try hanging something very contemporary yet functional - a mirror that is both artistic and functional.

2. Windowless offices are becoming all too common these days. With no view of the outside world, you can feel like you're suffocating. One way to brighten your walls and your day is by using garden metal wall art. There is a wide array of flower arrangements, mirror and even beautiful butterflies to help lower your stress and raise your mood.

3. If your home is right on a main thoroughfare or you just have some nosy neighbors, you might have to keep your shades down by necessity and not by choice. You can add a sense of tranquility and relaxing to you living room by adding an large modern wall art that almost mimics the waves the ocean. You can almost imagine a color fish swimming off the shores of a tropical beach.

4. Long hallways no longer have to be scary or boring. Instead of lining your hall with 500 boring family portraits or every single diploma or certificate you have received, why not use some fantastic metal abstracts to make a statement. These are also a great addition to any bay window.

5. Don't know what to get for your boss, husband, wife or even yourself? Treat yourself to abstract metal wall art. Choosing art is like taking a psychological exam: there are no wrong answers and you get to let everyone know a little bit more about yourself!

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Geometric Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

Using GEOMETRIC Abstract Art can change the way you think about interior design. Browse our home decor wall art including some funky abstract wall art.

"Sunflower" - Hanging Metal Wall Art

Dress Up That Decor With Metal Geometric Abstract Art

The geometric abstract genre is a form of art that is based on geometric forms. Throughout 20th century, geometric abstracts have been considered by critics to be the height of the non-objective art practice because it emphasizes the root plasticity and two-dimensionality of painting as an artistic medium.

Although geometric art is often deemed a modern development, it has actually been present around the world for centuries both a decorative motifs and as pieces of art themselves. An excellent example would be the Islamic geometric pattern art.

Geometric art is intriguingly simple and complex at the same time. It is simple because it is comprised of the basic shapes that we are familiar with on a daily bases. At the same time, however, geometric abstracts utilize the more complex concepts of negative space, dimensionality, and perspective. It is perhaps for these reasons that geometric art has such a universal appeal.

The pictorial language of geometric abstract art is unmatched in its ability to communicate uniquely and effectively. Due to its hybrid simplicity and complexity, geometric abstracts have the unique capacity of simultaneously expressing the nebulous and the austere. The vivid lines and shapes portray honesty and clarity. At the same time, the art remains pleasantly undefined, allowing the viewer to come to his or her own conclusions of what is being represented.

If you are looking for a unique work of art that would add beauty, allure, and expression to your home, you are in the right place. Artist Tim Herbst’s handcrafted abstract art will provide the piece you are looking for – with an extra touch of handcrafted uniqueness. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two pieces of handcrafted Copper wall sculpture are alike. Each piece has its own flair and personality. As you hang one of Tim Herbst’s handcrafted geometric abstract artworks on your wall, you can take pride in knowing that there is no identical piece of art anywhere else in the world.

When selecting the geometric abstracts that are best for you, first consider what you would like your piece of art to portray. All works art – particularly those that are handcrafted - are uniquely capable of creating an aura in their surroundings. Once you have decided the “mood” that you want, determine the size and colors of the geometric abstract that would suit your home best. Art is a living thing, as it lives in the eyes of the beholder; be sure to choose accordingly.

Geometric abstract art is guaranteed to be the source of beauty, uniqueness, and inspiration that you want for your home. Now is the time to claim one of these handcrafted works of art as your own – you will be glad that you did!

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Green Abstract Art

Posted on January 24, 2015 by Tim Herbst

See Some WONDERFUL Green Abstract Art that will help your decor. Shop our line of contemporary wall art and modern wall art.

INTERCONNECTED - Metal Art Sculpture

6 Tips On Using Green Abstract Art To Decorate Your Home Or Office

The color green has long been associated with the vivacity of life, the purity of nature, and the promise of hope. Green can signify anything from renewal, health, and environment to envy or jealousy. Similarly, the color itself is versatile; green can appear in anything from the passionate glow of jade and cool hue of mint to the subdued tinge of hunter green and olive.

Because green is such a peaceful and natural color, it is very fitting in the context of abstract art. Below are 6 tips on using green abstracts to decorate your home or office.

First tip: Find the right color of abstract art that works for your office or home. Because green comes in so many different colors, it is important that you don’t view “green” as just “green.” Look around your room and determine whether it would be best to have a bright apple or spring green, or whether a more subdued tone (such as olive or forest green) would be best.

Second tip: Determine the mood that you’re looking for in your green abstract metal wall decor. Art is very much alive, and it sends different messages to each viewer. Are you seeking an exciting tone of vivacity, life, and promise, or are you looking for an aura of peace and natural calm?

Third tip: Consider where you would like to display your green art sculpture. Location is key to the presentation of your green abstract. If you place it in a neutral surrounding, it will capture the attention of viewers. If you put it among other displays that also attract attention, it will blend into the background, just as the green of nature does.

Fourth tip: Decide the size of the artwork that would be best for your home or office. If you select a piece of abstract wall art that is too small for its surroundings, it will seem to be “swallowed up” in the surroundings and will not fit the proper balance of decor. On the flip side, choosing a piece of art that is too large will seem unfitting. Determine the proper measurements before selecting your piece.

Fifth tip: Pay attention to the patterns represented in your piece of green abstract art. Geometric shapes may represent order and dimensionality, while streaks and blotches may represent anything from the excitement to uncertainty of life.

Also, be sure that the patterns fit your room; if the home or office room already has geometric decor, for example, it would be better to select that pattern in your green abstract decor.

Sixth tip: Be proud of your artwork! Display it with the pride of knowing that your green abstract art will enhance and balance the aura of your home or office. Because of the beauty of the color green and the expressiveness of abstract art, your green abstract art is sure to add a unique touch of beauty and allure to your decor.

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